MRRA Logbook

The articles below describe how to use the MRRA Logbook.

The design of the Logbook was meant to satisfy a few basic requirements, and has some interesting features:

  • Easier and more accurate data collection about equipment usage.
  • Faster logging of your rowing event than the paper system.
  • Safety - boats on the water are shown in the default view of the Logbook.  Rowers can leave messages for subsequent rowers.
  • Reservations - make your reservations from home and you'll spend even less time configuring your boat and crew at the boathouse.
  • Rower and boat history;  Statistics for the equipment committee, and you can log your personal data with each event.
  • Integrated with the MRRA Membership system for nominal enforcement of club rules; boat usage by Program, by boat class, etc.

Freqently Asked Questions

  • Where is the Logbook?  The new Logbook is an ordinary website permanently located at - to access this location, just click the link with your browser from any computer with Internet access.  At the boathouse, there is a laptop computer at the MRRA desk which should always have the Logbook up and running.  If you are the first rower to arrive at the boathouse and the Logbook is not running, starting the shortcut to "Google Chrome" or the "MRRA Logbook" will start the website.
  • What's a "Q" code?  A "Q" or "Quick" code is a short password of your own choosing that will let you login to the Logbook quickly at the boathouse.  Quicker than using your MRRA username and password, but also less secure.  For this reason, you can only use your Q-Code at the boathouse.
  • What Boats can I access in the Logbook?  The basic scheme of the Logbook is that boats are assigned to Programs - the same exact Programs that you elect when you make your program choices after joining the MRRA.  Therefore, the boats you may row are determined by the programs in which you participate.   If you sign up for LOGBOOK to row club boats, then all club boats are in your view when you login to the Logbook.  If you are a private rack owner and have paid for LOGBOOKPVT, then by definition your own boat appears in your view of eligible boats to row.
  • Are there differences in the Logbook based on whether I'm at home or at the boathouse?  Yes.  You must be at the boathouse to select Row A Boat.  You can only login with a Q-Code at the boathouse - at home you must use your full MRRA login credentials.  Other than these limitations, you can make reservations and view your rowing history from any Internet computer.
  • Differences for Scullers and Sweep crews?  Slightly.  In the case of a sweep boat, or for that matter any multi-seat boat, only one member of the crew needs to login to row the boat or make a reservation.  Any member of  that crew can then close the event later.  But it's very likely that most of the crew in a sweep boat will never need to access the Logbook. 
  • Just because I can see a boat in my view, does that allow me to row it?  Not always.  In the case of the sweep programs, certain boats may only be rowed in the context of the programs for which they are authorized.  In the case of sculling boats, you may not have the rower rating that meets the requirement for certain boats.  Situations like these will be addressed in a future release of the Logbook software.
  • I have some questions, who do I call?  Send your Logbook questions and comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

MRRA Logbook - Row a Boat Print E-mail


First time login:

  • Login with MRRA username/password
  • Choose My Info to set your Q-Code

Then login at boathouse with Q-Code for rapid checkout.  The Q-Code only works at boathouse.  You can login at home with your standard MRRA login and set your Q-Code away from the boathouse, but to login with your Q-Code you must be at the boathouse.

The default view of the Logbook shows boats currently on the water, pending reservations, and any safety comments from previous row events.

Every event shows time of launch, time due back, boat and crew. 


  1. Choose the boat you will row
  2. Name the labor
  3. Choose estimated row duration
  4. Click the button to ROW THIS BOAT and log the event
  • You can load the boat and crew from a previous row and tweak the configuration – helpful with bigger boats
  • You can save the configuration with a name handy to remember on a future row
  • You can name the coach and launch if they will accompany the rowed boat.  (Safety)
Note and correct any error messages before you go to row (boat or crew member not available; row conflicts with upcoming reservation, etc).   When the configuration is valid, the screen reverts to the On The Water view and you are free to go row.


MRRA Logbook - Reserve a Boat Print E-mail


  1. On the RESERVATIONS tab, choose the boat you will row
  2. Click on the Date/Time to set reservation start
  3. Name the Labor
  4. Choose the event duration


  • Load a previous row/reservation
  • Name this configuration
  • Name the coach and launch if they will accompany the rowed boat.  (Safety)
  • Check the box to send an email with  calendar event to the crew
Note and correct any error messages before you go to row (reservation conflict, exceeded reservation limit, etc).

Note that the crew is not validated on a reservation – you can reserve a boat and leave the crew empty until row time. 


MRRA Logbook - After Your Row Print E-mail


  1. Login with Q-Code
  2. Your boat shows a “close out” button – click to end the event


  • Click “add comments” to add commentary about your row.
  • “Message to later rowers” will stay on the default view for the rest of the day.
  • If you check Take Boat Out of Service, the boat will be unavailable to later crews and the BC will get an email

Anyone in an event can login and close out the event, including Coach or Cox 


MRRA Logbook - Row a Reservation Print E-mail


Reservations appear in the default view on the day of the reservation.

  1. Login with Q-Code
  2. Your reservation shows a “row this” button – click to load the event
  3. Tweak the crew, note and correct any issues, and click Row This Boat


  • Reservations are a handy way to set up an event to minimize the time needed at the boathouse
  • PMs can reserve multiple boats for the same date/time (e.g. LTScull) and specify crew at row time.
  • Once a reservation is launched, it is just like an ordinary row event.  Close out the event after rowing just as you would a non-reserved event. 


MRRA Logbook - Set Your Q-Code Print E-mail

To set your Q-Code:

  1. Go to the Logbook -
  2. Login with your standard MRRA username and password
  3. Click on the My Info tab
  4. Enter a Q-Code (5-20 letters and numbers) in the first box until you see a green checkmark.
  5. Repeat the Q-Code and click Save
  6. You can now login at the boathouse using just your Q-Code.

More about the Q-Code

Your Q-Code isn't very secure, which is why you cannot use it to access the Logbook except at the boathouse.  The only use for the Q-Code is to let you quickly login and row a boat, and then close out the rowing event after your row.  Since it's of very limited use and can only be used at the boathouse, it's okay to share your Q-Code with someone else if it's convenient for someone else to login your boat while you towel it off and re-rack it.  Someone who knows your Q-Code cannot change your Q-Code.

There is zero linkage between your Q-Code and your standard MRRA username and password - unless you purposefully make your Q-Code the same as your MRRA password.  So we recommend that you choose a Q-Code that is very different than your MRRA password, and just like any other password, it can't hurt to change your Q-Code once in a while.